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BioSoil (Israel)
Boerson Farms (Wisconsin)
Bunnell Organics (Wisconsin)
Community Compost Company/Hudson Soil Company (New York)
Black Bear Composting (Virginia)
Poultry Manure (Chile)
City of Appleton (Wisconsin)
Hickory Regional Compost Site (North Carolina)
Presidio (California)
Five gold stars.

We recently purchased a ComposTex cover to compare it with the poly tarps we used previously. The poly tarps blew off during a rain storm with high winds, and then trapped the moisture in when we put them back on, resulting in the texture of that compost being like brownie batter.

The pile covered with ComposTex stayed on during the rainstorm, and protected the pile from the rain. Now the compost in that pile has the texture of moist coffee grounds, which is perfect.

Since the ComposTex cover made such a huge difference in the quality of our product, we’ve just placed an order for more.  

Thank You.

Jayne Senegal
Earth Care Farm
Host of “The Composter” Podcast
Charlestown, RI
Five gold stars.

Using ComposTex covers has greatly improved compost quality and efficiency at every compost facility that I’ve worked at, including both “turned windrows” and ASP. The covers allow for effective moisture management, which dramatically improves efficiency during screening, and helps to create a high quality finished compost with a perfect moisture content. I especially like the fact that ComposTex is available in custom sizes which has enabled me to protect windrows and curing piles of any size.

Aleks Jagiello
Certified Compost Operations Manager CCOM
Community Compost Company/Hudson Soil Company
Kerhonkson, NY
Five gold stars.

Thank you for the helpful and honest advice. We had been using ComposTex to both protect our compost piles from heavy rainfall, and to reduce moisture loss in the summer.  But after reading your article “Moisture Management – the Key To Successful Composting” and hearing your suggestions to preserve the life of our covers, we’ll now try some other methods for reducing moisture loss in the summer, including using shade cloth.  It’s obvious that you really care about farmers’ work and are not just trying to make a quick buck, which is really appreciated in these crazy times.

Aaron Kern
Kern Family Farm
North Fork California
Five gold stars.

We don't have quantitative measurements, but through observational and anecdotal experience, we've observed (by using the "squeeze test") that piles covered with ComposTex maintain more consistent moisture despite seasonal weather variability. Specifically, by shielding the surface from the drying effects of sun and wind, piles covered with ComposTex contain more moisture during our dry seasons and then are protected from becoming too wet during our spring snow-melt and late-summer monsoon seasons.

Patrick Pfeifer
MA Sustainable Communities, Northern Arizona University
Co-Founder, Roots Composting, LLC, Flagstaff, AZ
Program Developer and Coordinator, NAU Composting Program (2011-2013)
Five gold stars.

We produce about 2,000 tons per year of biolsolids from our 9 mgd wastewater treatment plant. Using an aerated static pile system, we produce a Class A compost which is distributed to the public. We started using ComposTex three years ago as an alternative to insulating our 20 compost piles with wood chips. Because this fabric both provides the insulation we need and speeds up the drying process (by protecting the piles from rainfall, increasing the internal temperature, and allowing moisture to escape), we've determined that they paid for themselves within the first six months. We're presently expanding our biosolids composting program and ComposTex is an integral part of this expansion.

Larry Cobler
Operations Engineer
Rockingham WW Treatment Plant
Rockingham, North Carolina
Five gold stars.

We had used ComposTex covers in a food waste composting demonstration/reserach trial in the winter of 1999. The composting system was a turned windrow system processing vegetable waste [fresh cuts of lettuce, onions, cabbage, etc] blended with a bulking agent [wood chips or synthetic bulking agents]. The purpose of using the compost covers was to prevent infestation with fly larvae and rain water infiltration of the windrows. Although we did not quantitatively evaluate these benefits, based on qualitative observations we concluded that these two objectives were met.

K.C. Das
Bioconversion Research and Education Program
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
Five gold stars.

We've just completed using ComposTex covers for a season and they've been excellent. They shed water really well and are very light weight and durable in comparison to other materials we've tried. We will be ordering more covers soon.

Gavin Rodway
Remediation Manager
CELTIC Technologies Ltd.
British Isles
Five gold stars.

When we began looking for a biosolids composting cover, we considered several options before deciding to buy ComposTex. By keeping the piles from getting too wet from the rain, these covers have done exactly what we needed them to do.

Bill Southwell
Biosolids Coordinator
Webster Wastewater Treatment Plant
Village of Webster, New York
Five gold stars.

The City of Monroe composts all of the biosolids generated from Monroe, the City of Sultan, and the City of Duvall. We utilize the static aerated pile method in covered bays with positive aeration. In 2000, we produced approximately 6000 cubic yards of class A biosolids compost. We were first interested in ComposTex compost covers as an alternative to cured compost or sawdust for insulating piles. We've now been using two covers with great success since the Fall of 1999 . The covers retain heat while allowing moisture vapors to escape. This saves us money by eliminating the need for sawdust and also ensures more uniform insulation. We've been very happy with the results and our state regulatory agency has given the covers complete acceptance as well. The ease of handling and its durablity has met all our expectations.

John Lande
Lead Operator
City of Monroe WW Treatment Plant
Monroe, Washington