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ComposTex Compost Covers (also known as "compost fleece") is a completely breathable, non-woven fabric made of 100% UV-resistant polypropylene that sheds rainfall and snow melt from covered windrows - while remaining usable for at least 4 to 15-plus years1.

A diagram of a ComposTex Compost Cover covering a pile of compost. The diagram depicts water from rainfall wicking through the fabric of the cover and running down the side of the pile onto the ground while trapping heat inside the pile.


Since 1994 ComposTex has been used on thousands of compost projects around the world. The most common use of ComposTex is to protect active, curing and finished compost piles from excess rainfall, thereby preventing excess moisture conditions, which in-turn helps ensure optimal aerobic microbial activity, reduce unpleasant odors associated with saturated/anaerobic conditions, and reduce soluble nutrient losses. And by ensuring compost doesn't become too wet and heavy, ComposTex also reduces the costs associated with screening, bagging, and transportation. In some cases, ComposTex is also used to protect piles from windblown weed seeds and to limit access to flies and scavenging animals.


Polypropylene (non-woven)
1/16 inch or 1.8mm (+- 0.2 mm)
.37 lb/sq yd or 200 g/sq m (+- 20 g)
Air Permeability
200 to 400 cfm
Water Shedding
99% or better
Finish treatment
Thermal stabilization (ie. heat treated on one side)
Custom lengths with many widths available
Exceptional strength and tear resistance
UV-light protected
4 to 15-plus year durability
Grommets / eyelets available
1The durability of ComposTex will vary depending on climate and use conditions.
2Full Technical Data Sheet available on request.
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