* A description of our products can be seen here.

* The price for our Farm-Crafted COMPOST™ is $65/cu yd, plus "pro-rated" delivery (ie. Calculated based on quantity and location).

* The price for our Topsoil Plus - LAWN/FLOWER MIX™ is $65/cu yd, plus "pro-rated" delivery.

* The price of our Topsoil Plus - RAISED BED MIX™ is $85/yd, plus "pro-rated" delivery.

* All products are only sold in BULK - we do NOT sell bagged product.

* Discounts are available for the Farm-Crafted Compost and Topsoil Plus - Raised Bed Mix for farms and community/neighborhood/school gardens.

* After we receive your Quote Request form we'll send you a price quote including the delivery cost. Once we receive your order confirmation we'll schedule the delivery. Payment is by check that you can either send by mail or leave for us to pick up at the time of the delivery.

* If you're a novice gardener, you may appreciate reading this short article called "Getting Started - Tips for the Novice Gardener".

* means the field is required


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Cubic Yards of Compost Needed: Cubic Yards of Topsoil - Lawn/Flower Mix™ Needed:

Cubic Yards of Topsoil - Raised Bed/Container Mix™ Needed:

If you need assistance figuring out which and/or how much product you need, please refer to Compost and Topsoil FAQ page

If you are ordering either of the Topsoil products, please note that they both have compost already added to them, so NO additional compost is needed.


Address:* Town:*

Please provide the name of the nearest cross street (or directions if your house does not appear properly on a GPS):*

Is the house NUMBER clearly visible from the street?:*

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If Yes, provide details on how to find the correct house:

Latest Date Product Is Needed*

Does someone need to be home for us to do the delivery?

If you will leave out a tarp (with sufficient anchoring to hold it in place if windy), do you want the tarp UNDER or ON TOP of the compost or topsoil?

Minimum Tarp Width: My truck dump body is 8 ft wide and the material comes out wider than the truck by two to three feet. Therefore, if you want the product to be dumped on a tarp without any spilling out beyond the tarp (e.g. onto a gravel driveway), the tarp will need to be at least 12 ft wide.

Orientation of Tarp: Again, since the product comes off the truck to form a pile at least 10 to 11 ft WIDE, the tarp should be laid out PERPENDICULAR to the truck, NOT in line with the truck.

Is the product to be dumped on a driveway?*

If "Yes", please describe exactly where on the driveway you'll want the product to be dumped. And please be aware that this location needs to be free overhead wires and/or tree branches since we need a full 16 ft of clearance to operate our dump truck.

If "No", please describe exactly where you want the product dumped and the route the truck should take to reach the dump location (e.g. In back vegetable garden accessed by going around the right side of house by garage):

2. If the delivery will require that we drive onto vegetated or bare soil, you must ensure that the soil has dried out enough to prevent our (20,000 lb) truck from creating ruts and/or getting stuck AT ANY POINT along the ENTIRE route. One method for checking soil firmness is to stomp down with the heel of your shoe - NO depression of the soil should be possible. However, if this method proves inconclusive, a more accurate method is to press down with your thumb.

If there are overhead wires or tree limbs that could be in the way either along the access route (we need about 8 ft clearance) and/or while we're dumping (we need about 16 ft clearance), please describe an alternative dump location.

Additionally, the two back wheels of our delivery truck must be absolutely level (and on hard ground) to ensure the dump body won't tip to one side when dumping. Therefore, if your preferred dump location is not level from side to side (a moderate front to back incline is OK), please describe an alternative dump location.

3. Please describe an alternative dump location we can use if there is ANY chance that we might discover overhead obstructions or the soil is too soft to drive over when we arrive to do the delivery:

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