Specifications & Features

Product Specifications¹
Fibers Polypropylene (non-woven)
Color Black
Thickness 1/16 inch or 1.8mm (+- 0.2 mm)
Weight .37 lb/sq yd or 200 g/sq m (+- 20 g)
Air Permeability 200 to 400 cfm
Water Shedding 99% or better²
Finish treatment Thermal stabilization (ie. heat treated on one side)

Features and Options
Custom lengths with many standard widths available
Exceptional strength and tear resistance
UV-light protected
4 to 10-plus year durability³
Straps and grommets available
Easy to handle and secure to piles

1Full Technical Data Sheet available on request.
2The water shedding ability of ComposTex can be compromised in extreme rainfall events.
3The durability of ComposTex will vary depending on climate and use conditions.